Archery is a great sport for kids; time to try it out!

Archery is a great sport for kids – that helps them increase focus & concentration and improves discipline, two of the most vital lifeskills. All of us as parents aspire our kids to possess these lifeskills for success in whatever endeavor they undertake in particular, and for success in life in general.

Archery can be a lot of fun for kids with a multitude of field games that are possible. From the experience of our kids  archery camps in schools, one can tell you, that the possibilities of fun games in Archery is far more than any other sport. Of course, I am referring to ‘real sport’ and not the gadgets (electronic kinds) that the kids are so hooked on to these days.

Is there anything that can make you smile more than archery with kids? Well may be (albeit with a rare chance when it comes to real sport), but certainly not when it comes to smiling with your kid on the same field, same range. Archery is one of those rare inclusive real sports that can bring the whole family together – right from little sister or brother to Ma or Papa to Grandma or Grandpa! Everyone can do archery.  The kids develop a lot of character and camaraderie, while the adults get to spend ‘quality time’ that we all yearn for with our kids, in this busy world, and help develop the sport.

India is at the cusp of Archery greatness, having already won youth world championships (2010) and world cup (2012). It took Sachin Tendulkar 17 long years to win the world cup (it doesn’t in anyways take away the tag of favorite Indian sportsperson for most of us), while Deepika Kumari ( ) has done it this year, at the age of 17. Archery is the NEXT BIG THING on the Indian sports map. An Olympic Medal this summer could have been the turning point. We missed it! The will of the next generation, is the future of Archery in India. Whether they pick up the sport or it flounders, would depend on the current generation’s interest in this great sport, which incidentally is in our culture and ethos, through the mythology & stories about the great Rama & Arjuna, that have been passed on to us from generations.

Can we all get involved and pass on Archery as a sport to our next generation? If you have kids that would like to learn more about archery or if you would like to get involved in helping the kids, click visit us at or call us 9810703744/8447600038 and get ready to smile often.

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