Difficulties in setting up a model sports curriculum for schools

Dictionary tell us that the word ‘model’ has multiple connotations ranging from being understood as mould, replica, ideal, paradigm and/or standard. And that is exactly where the difficulty lies viz. setting up a mould that is ideal and can be replicated such that it can become a standard that brings a paradigm shift in how sports get treated in schools. Whoa! A sentence too long to be handled; a matter too important to be ignored.

But that’s the difficulty of being good; perhaps why India never had another Lord Rama. So what are these difficulties in producing a model sports curriculum that could be implemented in schools.

Mould: A mould can’t be cast unless the water & mud come together. Department of Sports and Department of Education in the governments (state & center) – mud & water  – can certainly create this mould if they come together at all levels.  Difficult?

Ideal : Can there be an India level deal (I-deal) amongst all the state & central education boards in India, on what is a model sports curriculum for schools. Difficult?

Replicated: A  goal for deployment of an integrated school sports curriculum that can fuel our Olympic gold quest needs to be common amongst the 4Ps – Politicians, Public, Public Servants and Production Houses (read Business).  Only then will we have a curriculum that can be replicated. Else we would have only one Olympic Gold Quest (http://www.olympicgoldquest.in/) . Difficult?

Standard: For excellence at Olympics we need our athletes to have very high standards. But for our children to get interested in sports we need the right standards. Can there be a NASPE (http://www.aahperd.org/naspe/  ) India? Difficult?

Paradigm:  Schools, sports academies, sports coaches, sports federations, state governments, across India want their children to win trophies in whichever sports tournament they enter. And why should they not? It is the best & most economical publicity mechanism. Yet we only barely win any medals at places that matter most (read Olympics). Helping our children to play sports for fun, without  pressure, can multiply the chances at Olympics many folds. Difficult?

The rating scale for above is 0 (if all answers are NO) and 1 (if even one answer is YES). If even one answer is YES, then you hope (and perhaps work) like we do!

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